Nicom Marine is a young company in Nigeria that distributes marine equipment and accessories to both the leisure and commercial shipbuilding markets.  We continue to cultivate long lasting partnerships and relationships with manufacturing leaders in the maritime sector.


Nigeria is an emerging economy, a major oil producer, and the largest economy in Africa.  The Nigerian government is now trying to promote the maritime industry and encourages shipyard development.  To this end, a lot of ship and boatyards are being established especially for the petroleum and the offshore industry.


Nicom Marine is very well positioned to take advantage of the market situation by aligning itself with the front-line marine equipment manufacturing companies.  We strive to provide quality marine equipment and accessories to our customers.


Nicom Marine not only supplies equipment, but also engages in installation and maintenance of these equipment and accessories.  We hope to be the largest and the best marine equipment distributor in Nigeria.

Nicom Marine    203 Ikorodu Road, Lagos, Nigeria   Email: sales1@nicommarine.com